This is a thriller set in near-future Japan, featuring the adventures of a gaijin robotics engineer and a Japanese detective as they clash with a cult that uses computers to escape the Wheel of Suffering.In this book, instead of featuring a world-changing technology after it changes the world, I wanted to explore the effects of such a technology at the moment just before the change. How would people feel, knowing that soon everything they are will disappear, to be replaced with the unknown?

Less Than Human: Warner Aspect, 2004. ISBN: 0446613428



“Be it Time Past or Time Future, “time” is the demon that is inexorably stalking Commander Halley of the space station Jocasta. At least, she wishes she was back on the station; she fervently wishes she had never tried to steal a forbidden jump drive from under the… Well, noses, for lack of a better word… of the the Four to give to the rest of the Confederacy. All her valiant efforts have left her stranded in Earth’s polluted, unenlightened past with only the slimmest chance of every returning to her own time.” Review by Lisa Dumond.

Time Past: The sequel to Time Future (Warner Aspect and Random House, 2002)


medMaxine McArthur_1999_Time Future

Time Future: winner of the 1999 George Turner Prize for an unpublished science fiction or fantasy manuscript.

“Impressive…a confident and assured debut.” (Locus)

Hank Luttrell on the SF Site described Time Future as “a thoroughly successful science fiction mystery, and that is no mean accomplishment.”

Australian edition (Random House/Transworld 1999) by artist Greg Bridges. The Australian version of Time Future is now out of print, but you can still buy copies of the US edition below (Warner Aspect, 2002), cover by Jim Burns.



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